, a Popular Training Provider, Launches Free Half-Day Webinar for Scrum and Agile Aspirants, a popular choice for professional learners, has launched a free half-day virtual webinar for Scrum and Agile. This free webinar will help learners understand the differences between Agile roles and the necessary steps to kickstart their Agile careers.

Toronto, Canada, December 17, 2019 --( CareerSprints, a professional training provider specializing in PMP, PRINCE2, Scrum, ITIL, and DevOps, has launched a free webinar on Agile and Scrum methodologies. Since its launch in 2016, CareerSprints has trained over 5000 students from several countries.

The founders at CareerSprints believe that learners today experience severe information fatigue. The glut of course providers, courses, and blogs, prevents learners from accessing the right course, leading to confusion. For example, an online search for “agile career paths” returns various career paths, without any real explanation of the advantages or disadvantages of these paths. In most cases, learners take decisions based on incorrect or partially available information and sit through an expensive course only to realize the mistake they have made.

With its half-day webinars, CareerSprints aims to empower learners to make informed decisions. These webinars will cover the basics of Agile, the different Agile roles that learners can aim for in a company and the skills they need to develop to get these roles. This live webinar will enable students to question subject matter experts and even receive training in the basic elements of Scrum.

After the webinar, learners can take the Scrum Fundamentals Exam (SFC) by partner Scrumstudy and earn the SFC certification badge. Later, students will also have the option to register for other available courses on Agile.
Rohit Gupta