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Sandu Ayurveda Gaurav programme was organised by Sandu Brothers at Annabhau Sathe auditorium, Bibwewadi to honour Ayurveda practitioners on Sunday, 24 Nov, 2019.

Bibwewadi, India, December 28, 2019 --( Sandu Ayurveda Gaurav programme was organised by Sandu Brothers at Annabhau Sathe auditorium, Bibwewadi to honour Ayurveda practitioners on Sunday, 24 Nov, 2019. Sandu Brothers Pvt. Ltd. is a well established manufacturing and trading company in the field of Ayurveda. Hon’ble Shripad Naik, Union minister, Ministry of Ayush, INDIA and Minister of State (Maharashtra) for Defence, was cordially invited as the honourable Chief Guest of the event. Hon’ble Shripad Naik along with Hon’ble Rajesh Kotecha, Chief-Secretary, Ayush India and Hon’ble Kuldeep Raj Kohli, Director, Ayurveda department, Maharashtra felicitated five most renowned Ayurveda Practitioners "Vaidya" of India with Ayurveda Bhushan and Ayurveda Gaurav for their contribution to Ayurveda. These both awards are two of the topmost privileged awards, that are being given by Sandu Brothers for years. This year, in 2019, Vaidya Dr. Vikram Chauhan, Vaidya Medha Joshi, Vaidya Anand kumar Chaudhari and Vaidya Jyoti Mundargi were bestowed with Ayurved Bhushan Award, while Ayurveda Gaurav Award was presented to Vaidya Omprakash Gupta.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD - Ayurveda), author of "God’s Manual for Healing," Ceo and Founder of Planet Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. is contributing his best efforts in spreading the awareness and knowledge about natural herbs and Ayurveda for many years. He has a vast experience in herbs and is specialized in treating many chronic health disorders. He keeps on learning through his own experiments with herbs and researches for his manufacturing unit, Planet Ayurveda in Mohali, Chandigarh and his visits to meet his distributors and patients all around the world. Dr. Vikram Chauhan, being one among the best and prestigious Ayurveda practitioners, is spreading Ayurveda home to home, globally. He is a true inspiration for young and upcoming generations, having interest in learning and adopting traditional method of Medicine to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.

The main highlights of the oration by Dr. Vikram Chauhan in the program were; he enlightened the path of the young and upcoming Ayurveda practitioners to boost up their enthusiasm. He encouraged them to move ahead in the field of Ayurveda and proudly exaggerate the traditional & classical Indian Medicinal System, consequently the country.

He also focused that the rights should be given to Ayurveda Practitioners, to officially claim for the diseases that they can cure easily with the natural herbs. He also appreciated Sandu Brothers for preserving the heritage of the country for years, despite of many hurdles, and continuing this great work. He shared his success of curing a patient (6-7 months old child) suffering from ITP, a chronic disorder and also offered that the other practitioners can take help of his researches, whenever required.

The main motive of Vaidya Vikram Chauhan that is concluded from his words is he is not a competitor of other Ayurvedic Practitioners; rather he is constantly working to uplift our traditional and most effective system of medicine. His vision to commence his own entity, Planet Ayurveda, a manufacturing unit as well as a clinic, providing consultations through almost all the platforms available, is also "Coming Together and Taking Ayurveda to Every Home."

Such events are playing an excellent role in the expansion of India’s traditional Ayurvedic System of Medicine.
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Dr Vikram Chauhan