Stratoscale Closes Down, Sardina Systems Offers Free Migration Path to FishOS OpenStack & Kubernetes

London, United Kingdom, December 19, 2019 --( Sardina Systems has announced free migration path to FishOS OpenStack and Kubernetes to all Stratoscale enterprise customers that want to continue to benefit from the multi-cloud hybrid platform.

The Israeli startup Stratoscale has released an official note that the company has closed down. The Stratoscale team has built something great, but as CEO Ariel Maislos’s acknowledgement, “We had an amazing team but we decided that the time had come to move on."

With its FishOS HCI cloud technology, Sardina Systems is ready to offer free migration to all Stratoscale enterprise customers who would like to easily implement an ultra-reliable cloud platform for traditional enterprise workload and next-gen applications, with data security and protection, pay-as-you-grow economics, zero-click operations and operational simplicity through automation powered by award winning AI-based decision engines.

Since 2014, Sardina Systems has developed and designed open-source solutions to easily allow customers to deploy private clouds in both larger and smaller enterprises and to successfully compete both in the price and services level with the top players in the market, like Red Hat, Canonical, etc.

“Our international DevOps team is ready to ensure a smooth transition to all Stratoscale enterprise customers to Sardina FishOS. With FishOS, we enable customers to accelerate and automate their private cloud strategy, by bringing up a rapid and easy to manage deployment, reliable and scalable operations, and market-unique Zero-Downtime upgrade,” Dr Keith Corless, Director of Business Development, Sardina Systems.

The FishOS solution architecture is flexible to scale up compute, storage, networking, and management to fit enterprise workload growth. FishOS' distributed architecture enables high availability by default, intelligent self-healing operations, seamless rolling upgrades, scaling to thousands of servers, improving utilization and lowering costs.

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Do not let the Stratoscale's shut down to affect your business and ask for a free transition to FishOS at .

About Sardina Systems

Founded in 2014, Sardina Systems makes infrastructure invisible, elevating IT to focus on enterprise applications and services. FishOS natively converges server, storage, virtualization, and networking into a resilient, software-defined AI-based solution. Optimized performance, cloud flexibility, robust security, for all enterprise applications at any scale.

Sardina Systems has operations in Romania, Russia, Ukraine, and the UK.
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