California Mayor Moves Into Shelter for the Homeless

Riverside, CA Mayor Rusty Bailey has already spent 15 nights in the shelter to raise awareness for meaningful short-term and long-term housing strategies in the city.

Riverside, CA, December 20, 2019 --( In an effort to raise awareness for immediate sheltering solutions available for the growing number of people experiencing homelessness across America, Mayor Rusty Bailey of Riverside, CA has moved into an 8’ by 8’ shelter designed to help people experiencing homelessness transition into stable, long-term housing. To date, the Mayor has spent 15 nights in the shelter, located at Path of Life Ministries Hulen Place shelter and manufactured by Seattle-based Pallet.

On December 18, 2019, Riverside’s City Council voted on and approved twenty Pallet shelters as an emergency housing solution for people facing homelessness in the city. The shelters are one of many tactics that the city of Riverside is using as its population of people experiencing homelessness, like many cities, continues to grow.

“I feel safe and secure in my second residence here in Riverside,” says Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey. “Living part time in a Pallet shelter has helped me understand the challenges and barriers for our neighbors without homes face. Pallet shelters are a great solution to the need for immediate shelter.”

Made of durable aluminum and composite materials, Pallet’s shelters are quick and easy to deploy, and provide their residents with safe and dignified shelter while they access the services they need to transition back into a life of stability. The shelters, which start at only $4,500 each, come fully equipped with lockable doors, openable windows, and integrated shelving for storage. Pallet’s shelters are intentionally designed without kitchens and bathrooms, and are intended to be used in a community setting where these facilities exist or can easily be provided – encouraging Pallet shelter residents to leave their homes, access social services, and begin to build the community that is critical to a successful transition into permanent housing.

“Our goal is to provide safe and secure shelter that gets people off of the streets immediately, allows them to stabilize, and engage with services, and then move on to permanent housing,” says Amy King, Pallet Founder and CEO. "Whereas permanent housing and mass shelters can take years to construct, we can shelter a person experiencing homelessness the same day we arrive on site."

The city of Riverside is the first city in California to approve the use of Pallet shelters for people experiencing homelessness. Dozens of cities, counties, and nonprofit organizations nationally are considering Pallet shelters as a tool to transition the growing population of people experiencing homelessness into stable sheltering.

About Pallet
Seattle-based Pallet is a social purpose company on a mission to build equal opportunity access to housing and employment, transforming the lives of people facing homelessness with its low-cost and effective shelter solutions. For the more than half a million people facing homelessness across the United States, the company’s durable, portable, and affordable shelters are a stepping stone out of personal crisis and into a life of stability. The company is second-chance friendly, hiring and investing in people actively engaged in recovery and reintegration. All employees who build Pallet shelters are formerly homeless, addicted, or incarcerated, and have found stability through meaningful employment building shelters. For more information on Pallet, visit
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