SocksLane Extends Sale for Cotton Compression Socks Because of Overproduction

Portland, OR, December 20, 2019 --( SocksLane announces today the extension of their sale on their Amazon compression socks because of over production. This special discount is available now and for a limited time only on which means until supplies last.

The company's cotton compression socks are specifically designed for individuals who prefer to wear natural fiber made compression socks for sports, travel and everyday life. The socks are manufactured directly by SockLane and follow strict quality procedures. Some compression socks available in Amazon are made of derived fibers which is mostly nylon. Nylon, if worn for prolonged periods, can irritate the skin.

In the US alone, thousands of individuals suffer from rashes due allergies from synthetic garments. SocksLane's Compression Socks on the other hand have high-quality traditional support garment with 65% natural combed cotton and selected anti-allergic stretch material. SocksLane's decreases discomfort by more than 90% compared to a traditional nylon sock, allowing people to safely wear their compression socks for much longer periods of time, thus enhancing their effectiveness.

"We will have the discount run until we are back to normal stocks level. Until then, customers can enjoy the discount and purchase at a very low rate," Dave Dixon announces.

SocksLane Cotton compression Socks can be found on Find their Special Offer on the special dedicated webpage below:
Amanda Dixon