New Book by Rita Baker: My Dear Cousin Sadie

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New York, NY, January 07, 2020 --( “My Dear Cousin Sadie is a tale, often parallel with my own life, of heartache, hostility, and despair, while, at the same time, filled with love and hope. The story, taken from a true story about a relative of mine, tells of the courage it takes to come to terms with what life dishes out to some who, through no fault of their own, are forced to travel a road full of twists and turns and complexities. And yet are still able to find fulfillment and contentment among the debris that is left scattered about them with time.” -Author Rita Baker

Rita Baker is a Canadian writer with a British background. She was married to a British lawyer and they have two wonderful sons. Rita was raised by an unorthodox, free-thinking, grandparents from whose example she experienced the liberty of an all-embracing open mind. Rita finished college in England and won prizes for writing speeches, as well for their delivery. Despite her many credentials, this is what she is most proud of. Her passion is the novel. She loves bringing to life strong characters together with vivid descriptions of unusual people and places she has come to know, coupling them with meaningful dialogue.

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