Eurosens Difference Onboard Weighing System from Mechatronics Expands Market for GPS Tracking Providers

New weight-in-motion axle load and cargo weight monitoring system which is compatible with fleet GPS tracking systems.

Vilejka, Belarus, January 08, 2020 --( For many types of trucks, knowing the axle loads and cargo weight is important for operating safely and maximizing payload whilst avoiding fines for overloading. Mechatronics company from Belarus offers a new product – Eurosens Difference onboard weighing system.

In this solution, load weight is calculated based on monitoring truck suspension changes with a special sensors also designed by Mechatronics. Eurosens Difference system is compatible with modern GPS trackers and communicates with them via CAN-bus or RS-485 serial interface. Then values of axle loads and cargo weight will be sent to server together with GPS tracking data.

CEO of Mechatronics, Mr. Pavel Elenski talks about Eurosens Difference: “In fact there are many axle load sensors on the market nowadays. But we had to come a long way to invent a complete onboard weighing system which can be retrofitted in most trucks, works correctly with trailer swapping, calculates cargo weight and its position and many other useful things for customer. That’s why Eurosens Difference onboard weighing system provides such core features as: individual axle load measurement for truck and trailer, cargo position and weight calculation, onboard display with overload alarm. And extra features are there which make our onboard system 'a real thing'. For example, for truck and trailer combination we have to connect more than five axle load sensors sometimes. That means we have to use digital bus structure, so we have added modern CAN bus and RS-485 interfaces into our axle load sensors. Sometimes trailer could be swapped between trucks – and onboard weighing system should handle it and provide correct results with new trailer. And we have got it - every sensor of Eurosens Difference system has some 'intellect' and stores all information about vehicle and trailer, its mass and geometric parameters. After trailer swap new sensors will meet this network and advertise new trailer data. Is it difficult to install onboard weighing system especially as retrofit device? Actually not, but calibration is a very important step of onboard weighing system installation – and typically it is not convienient for installer and customer when we have to load vehicle from empty to full condition in same day. Calibration can be done much easier during real vehicle operation using vehicle scales and remote access to onboad weighing system. And that’s we do – we can make remote calibration using wireless link provided by our GPS tracking device.And the last but not the least – we have different types of axle load sensors. There are displacement sensors for leaf spring suspension, pressure sensors for air spring suspension and strain gauges as universal sensor for complicated cases.”

Remote axle load control and cargo weight calculation are highly demanded features of the GPS tracking systems. Eurosens Difference onboard weighing system with axle load sensors from Mechatronics could be a real deal for GPS tracking providers who wants to expand their market.
CJSC Mechatronics
Mary Bakinovskaya