LeafScore.com - The Newly Launched Ratings & Review Hub for Truly Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Products

Leaf Score Inc. has launched a new site offering the inside scoop on eco-friendly, sustainable, and non-toxic products for every aspect of family life. Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly yoga mat, non-toxic shaving cream, or even safe and sustainable dog toys, LeafScore.com can help you out.

New York, NY, January 09, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Anyone interested in being a conscious, ethical, green consumer, will want to bookmark LeafScore.com. This site is a timesaver and, potentially, a life saver; It makes it easy to spot "greenwashed" products promoted as eco-friendly and non-toxic that are actually teeming with chemicals linked to cancer, fertility problems, child development issues, and environmental pollution.

LeafScore.com was created by the minds behind Gene Food in response to increasing demand for serious scrutiny of the "green" and "safe" claims made for a plethora of products. Is that "3-free" nail varnish really non-toxic? Is plant-based memory foam environmentally friendly? The researchers at Leaf Score dig into the science, company reports, regulations, and environmental and health issues so you don’t have to.

“If you’ve ever wished Consumer Reports or Wirecutter gave products an eco-friendly and non-toxic rating, LeafScore.com is for you,” said Leigh Matthews, Head of Research and Content Development at the company.

They offer in-depth analysis of chemicals of concern for every product category, let you know which green alternatives are actually sustainable, and give you their top recommendations for quality brands and products after scouring ingredients labels, lobbying reports, and company environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility assessments.

Popular categories at the site include "Eco-Friendly Pillows," "Non-Toxic Dog Toys," and the pros and cons of different types of sustainable cookware. Sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives exist for pretty much everything we use in our daily lives. Leaf Score want you to know how and where to find these products and which ones might be right for you and your family.

The company also has a wider underlying goal: to do its bit to make meaningful changes that support a happier, healthier environment for all of us. By exposing the problems with conventional manufacturing and highlighting truly eco-friendly goods, LeafScore.com makes it easier for everyone to switch out toxic products for greener alternatives.

Listen to Leigh speak on Leaf Score and the kinds of subjects that inspired the project on the Gene Food Podcast, and contact Leigh@leafscore.com with questions, comments, and suggestions for products and categories you’d like the site to cover.
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