LaTribuna Christian Publishing Reports on CheeseCakes For Christ

Sharing the love of Christ by giving a homemade cheesecake to the staff who work in hospitals, care centers, rehabs, and nursing homes really makes a positive difference fo all those who are in those places.

Phoenix, AZ, January 12, 2020 --( LaTribuna Christian Publishing's CEO Chaplain Paul D Vescio is quoted saying,

“Cheese Cakes For Christ started back in 1998 after my mother died. Our family was treated very badly by America's healthcare system and instead of fighting back with anger I chose to fight back with love. I began bringing homemade cheesecakes to hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, and care centers. The whole idea is to show appreciation and the love of Christ to nurses, doctors and staff and hopefully that love will transcend into the quality of care to the patients. All to often people who work in these places are over worked and underpaid, they are squeezed between patient's needs and family needs and all to often they are underappreciated. The turnover rate in most nursing homes and medical rehabs is very high.”

Chaplain Paul is also quoted saying, "Bringing a homemade cheesecake and giving it to the hospital staff really makes a difference in the lives of those who work there and who are patients there. Nurses and staff members have actually cried and have given me hugs."

LaTribuna Christian Publishing is committed in reaching out in helping others for the glory of God and we encourage people to volunteer in nursing homes, care centers and medical rehabs.

Chaplain Paul is also quoted saying, “When we take the time to bless others we become truly blessed Amen.”

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