New Guide Helps College Students Make Money Using Apps

New book helps alleviate financial stress of students by teaching them how to leverage the "gig economy" to earn money on their own terms.

Ottawa, IL, January 24, 2020 --( Seventy percent of college students are stressed out over money, according to a national study by Ohio State University. The biggest concerns for most students are paying tuition and living expenses. Yet sadly, a recent report featured on said that some student financial concerns went beyond tuition, such as their family losing their home to foreclosure, or their parents going through a divorce.

“It’s no wonder Generation Z has been dubbed ‘the anxious generation,’” notes Pamela La Gioia, author of the new ebook, "The Ultimate Guide to Making Money in College (Without Donating Blood)." “Every day they worry they won’t make it to the end of the year because they - and their families - are broke. This generation needs help!”

The problem is that finding work takes time, and working regular jobs requires a lot of commitment. Neither of which many over-scheduled, sleep-deprived students have to give. It was this dilemma that caused Ms. La Gioia to create this first-of-its-kind sourcebook.

"The Ultimate Guide to Making Money in College (Without Donating Blood)" was written to enable students to quickly and easily earn money through reputable company apps, such as Bluecrew, GigWalk, DoorDash, and TaskRabbit.

These “gig economy” apps allow students to keep school their top priority; letting them accept jobs they want, and turn down those they don’t. They require no resumes or long-term commitments. Some jobs, such as tutoring, can be done from dorm rooms or apartments; yet they are all technology-enabled.

"The Ultimate Guide to Making Money in College" provides students:

-A transparent look at The Gig Economy, and what it's about
-Direct links to over 200 thoroughly researched app companies* hiring in areas like: microtasking, pet care, tutoring, and food delivery
-Advice to help them get the most out of app work
Information on college internships, grants, scholarships, and more
-Career tips on professional memberships and ambassador programs
-Financial resources on student banking, gig economy taxes, and college loan debt
-Access to loads of discounts, from students' favorite brands and companies that are actively involved in making the world a better place

* For safety reasons, ride sharing and apartment sharing opportunities have not been included in this guide.

About Pamela La Gioia
Pamela La Gioia is the President of RemoteWork Source (https://www.remoteworksource), a website that provides professional remote work opportunities, resources, and articles for individuals wanting more flexibility in their lives without having to give up their careers. As a former adolescent counselor, and mother of three college-aged children, she wrote "The Ultimate Guide to Making Money in College (Without Donating Blood)" in response to some of the struggles of her own children and their peers.
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