Reorder Rate for SocksLane Was Record Breaking According to Internal Reports

Portland, OR, January 18, 2020 --( Internal audit from SocksLane confirms that 2019 is their best reorder year. A business that provides a product to an avid client base looks to certain metrics to make sure they are on the right track, and one of them is customer satisfaction. This is even more true for Dave and Amanda Dixon's SocksLane company, which provides cotton compression socks and other garments to customers and has as its two highest priorities product quality and customer satisfaction. As such, that SocksLane has the highest reorder rate in the industry for the year 2019 is an accomplishment that SocksLane can indeed be proud of.

SocksLane has always prioritized customer comfort and satisfaction, which is a large driving force behind the very design of their compression socks and other garments. While compression is by itself a strong selling point behind the products SocksLane produces, owing to the many physical benefits compression has for the body, various other brands' compression products have been met with customer complaints about scratchy, allergy-triggering fabric or ill-suited compression.

SocksLane avoids these problems and makes sure to provide customer-pleasing products by using a 65% and 35% blend of combed cotton and hypoallergenic stretchy fibers like Lycra and Spandex, which creates a comfortable, breathable, non-allergy-triggering garment that nevertheless provides the circulation-improving benefits of compression. This is cited as a favorite benefit of customers who appreciate the comfort of the socks that they usually have to wear during long drives or flights.

The specifically-graded compression of SocksLane compression socks and garments also provides measured degrees of compression so that customers can select what's right for them. The design of SocksLane compression socks also helps avoid the tourniquet effect that tends to be seen in other brands' products. As the name suggests, the tourniquet effect creates an uncomfortable constriction at the top of the compression sock, restricting blood flow rather than helping encourage proper circulation as compression socks ordinarily would.

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Amanda Dixon