Avescon Value's IT Research Finder Portal Announces Winners of Best Free IT Report Awards 2019

This year’s winning reports on AI, Blockchain, Cloud, E-Commerce, IoT, Mobile and Security are in a class of their own when it comes to combing highly rigorous data usage and in-depth analysis to reach sound and creative conclusions, presented in innovative formats.

Zurich, Switzerland, January 20, 2020 --(PR.com)-- IT Research Finder has selected the winners from hundreds of English-language IT reports published in 2019 which are available to the general public at no cost. After careful evaluation and analysis, the award jury handed out top accolades to the publishers and authors of seven reports in the categories of AI, Blockchain, Cloud, E-Commerce, IoT, Mobile and Security. IT Research Finder is a Swiss-based, independent platform for evaluating and sourcing free IT reports and research, currently providing access to more than 1000 IT reports by 300 publishers at no cost.

“This year’s winning reports are in a class of their own when it comes to combing highly rigorous data usage and in-depth analysis to reach sound and creative conclusions, presented in innovative formats,” says Steffen Binder, co-founder of IT Research Finder, in praise of the top finishers. “The jury was particularly impressed that all of the selected reports provided an outlook beyond pure business purposes, clearly taking into account the responsibilities of implementing new technologies for society at large.”

Top Free IT Reports 2019 according to Topic Field

- Artificial Intelligence: “Winning with AI” by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and MIT Sloan

Jury’s judgement: “With its careful empirical design, clear message and meticulous selection of case studies, the award jury regards the report as an outstanding example of how IT research can not only capture the mind of the reader but also be exciting and motivating.”

- Blockchain: “Blockchain Revolution in Education and Lifelong Learning” by IBM and the Blockchain Research Institute

Jury’s judgement: “The strength of this winning report is that it’s an exciting case study of a real life application of blockchain technology. The authors demonstrate how blockchain can benefit both individuals and a whole sector, and – in consequence – improve society.”

- Cyber Security: “Bashe attack: Global infection by contagious malware” by Cyber Risk Management

Jury’s judgement: “The strength of this winning report is that it’s an utterly shocking case study of a massive, global cyber attack that demonstrates how vulnerable the world has become to cybercrime. This report is an excellent read and conveys a very strong message to all companies and governments – big or small: Be prepared!”

- Mobile Tech: “Betting on Billions: Unlocking the Power of Mobile Gamers” by Newzoo and Activision Blizzard Media

Jury’s judgement: “This report paints an incredibly detailed and data-rich picture of one of the fastest growing industries in the mobile space. This is an in-depth but easy-to-read report about the applications of mobile tech in the entertainment sector, full of insightful data and accompanied by useful tables.”

- Internet of Things: “Taking New Steps in the Smart Home Market” by EY

Jury’s judgement: “The report is visually appealing and does an excellent job of showing convincingly how the smart home segment in the digital space has matured into a true opportunity by exploring usage trends, provider and purchase preferences, and concerns and challenges of this quickly growing technology.

- Cloud Computing: “Cloud Threat Report 2019” by Oracle and KPMG

Jury’s judgement: “This winning report gives a deep and data-rich analysis of the dramatic change that cloud adoption brings to the security and threat landscape of businesses. But this report does not stop at dissecting the threats; it also highlights the use of machine learning in detecting and defusing cyber threats.”

- E-Commerce: “What is the Future of Ecommerce?” by Shopify

Jury’s judgement: “This report shows convincingly what it takes today to build a sustainable and successful e-commerce business. It is almost like a much-needed recipe book for the CMO.”

“Choosing this year’s winners was not an easy task for the jury, as we have seen numerous excellent reports on a wide variety of topics in each of the categories,” states Steffen Binder. “Each year we see that the number and quality of freely available IT reports by reputable publishers is steadily increasing, clearly providing a superior alternative to costly reports and subscriptions from traditional research houses.”

Rating Methodology:

The awards are based on the following criteria:

- Quality of the research methodology and empirical data (30%)
- Clear message and practical conclusions (20%)
- Understandable, concise language (20%)
- Innovative design and data visualization (20%)
- Contribution to sustainable and ethical business practices (10%)
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