New York, NY, January 21, 2020 --( On January 20, 2020, SOLAREUM Inc. announced the company has rolled up the "KEO Smart Home" and "America Green Solar (AGS)" brands into a new portfolio called SOLAREUM HOME & RENEWABLES. SOLAREUM HOME & RENEWABLES (SHR) is the unique combination of SOLAREUM SMARTHOME and SOLAREUM RENEWABLES (formerly AGS).

SOLAREUM SMARTHOME delivers the enjoyment of controlling your home without the daily hassle. It was designed to give you your time back. No anxiety from rushing back home to check if you turned off the heater or discomfort because you have to get out of bed in order to turn the lights off. Imagine the difference when your home "senses" you, turns off the kitchen light and TV. Then locks the doors as you leave home. This not only saves you time but also reduces your energy cost. The wide range of its products offers home-owners a full experience of home automation and safeguarding.

SOLAREUM RENEWABLES is one of the fastest growing solar companies in the US, offering all 50 states solar’s first-double/triple, MYcrogryd™/MYcrogryd+™ which features solar electricity, solar heating, and battery backup as a package upon customers’ needs. Moreover, Community Solar enables replacing your energy source into solar without installing solar panels. This is the exemplary model of the future: "No panels? No problem!"

The increasing interest in the convenience of turning homes into "Smart Homes" and the benefits of renewable energy has been evident in recent years, SOLAREUM Inc. is offering phenomenal renewable energy solutions including Smart, Safe and Energy Efficient Home Products.

This consolidation shows the company’s dedication to achieve the motto of “#DoingWellByDoingGood” as its endeavor is pinned to paint America green. It is very exciting to see this start-up's movement towards the future, leading the industry with incomparable momentum.
America Green Solar
Serena Choi