EMWorks Launches MotorWizard, a Template Based SOLIDWORKS Add-In Product for Electric Motor Design

EMWorks has launched its new product, MotorWizard, to help SOLIDWORKS users to design and simulate electric motors. MotorWizard is a template-based add-in product to SOLIDWORKS.

Montreal, Canada, January 25, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Electric Motor design using computer aided simulations has rapidly expanded in the recent years and is the most requested workflow among EMWorks customers and prospects. After listening to their customers and prospects, EMWorks has launched its new product, MotorWizard, to help SOLIDWORKS users to design and simulate electric motors. MotorWizard is a template-based add-in product to SOLIDWORKS and complements other EMWorks products, namely EMS for SOLIDWORKS and EMWORKS 2D, which are Gold certified flagship products for SOLIDWORKS.

MotorWizard is a template-based software embedded inside SOLIDWORKS and provides electromagnetic analysis of electric motors based on both Analytical and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). In the current version of MotorWizard, different brushless Permanent Magnet DC motor templates are provided which makes the generation of the motor model automatic, easy and straightforward. The entire process of generating a SOLIDWORKS CAD model is carried out by just entering the desired characteristics, type and the geometrical dimension of the motor. Although the workflow is very intuitive and straightforward, EMWorks has provided detailed help in the form of videos and documents to highlight the workflow and the usage of its latest product.

MotorWizard has several features to automate the electric motor design process and remove the grunt work from the user. Automatic winding generation implemented in the software, proposes a variety of possible winding configurations based on number of slots and poles of the motor. This removes the guess work from the user and helps in creating realistic windings configurations for your motor. A manual winding option is also provided to expand the possibilities and study faults in the motor. MotorWizard provides users with a fully customizable material library which contains commonly used materials in the electric motor industry. The results section in MotorWizard contains both analytical and FEA results. MotorWizard automatically determines the best option for the various performance results for the motor. Common FEA operations like mesh refinement, boundary conditions setup, magnet direction definition, and post-processing are not required to be input by the user because MotorWizard handles them automatically. If you want to see a short demonstration video, click EMWorks Youtube Channel. EMWorks is also glad to offer prospects a free 60-day trial version of MotorWizard.

About us: EMWorks is a leading provider of electromagnetic simulation software for electrical and electronics design. EMWorks products can be used as an antenna design software, an electric field simulation, a transformer design software, a magnetic field simulation, and an electric motor design software. EMWorks’ flagship products are EMS, HFWorks, MotorWizard, and EMWorks2D. All our products are fully and seamlessly embedded in SOLIDWORKS. EMS is also embedded in Autodesk Inventor. In addition to handling frequencies from DC to millimeter wave, our products come with built-in integrated thermal, structural, and motion analyses in a hassle-free multiphysics platform.
Mahmud Ghasemi Bijan, Ph.D.