Nitrokey and Secfense Partner Together to Speed Up the Adoption of FIDO2 Authentication Standard

The partnership is meant to promote a new open web authentication standard called FIDO2 among big and medium-size businesses.

Berlin, Germany, January 30, 2020 --( Nitrokey is the world-leading company in open source security hardware that develops IT security hardware for data encryption, key management and user authentication.

Secfense specializes in scaling the adoption of two-factor authentication on all applications within the company without any coding.

The two companies have decided to partner together in order to add pace to the adoption of the new online authentication standard called FIDO2. Thanks to this partnership both new and existing customers of Nitrokey will now be able to use their cryptographic Nitrokeys with many more applications using Secfense easy adoption mechanisms.

At the same time Secfense customers will get preferential prices on all the Nitrokey Family products.

FIDO2 is a web authentication standard that allows people to use local authenticators with fingerprint scanners or cryptographic keys like Nitrokey instead of passwords. Introduction of FIDO2 standard radically increased the access security and user comfort.
Antoni Sikora