Introducing the All-New AI-Powered Personal Finance and Financial Wellness App by Chango for Empowering Canadians to Make the Right Life Decisions

Chango is a free personal finance and financial wellness app designed exclusively for Canadians. Chango uses artificial intelligence for personalisation budgeting tips for individuals according to their spending habits. Chango app will be available in the Google Play Store and App Stores soon.

Toronto, Canada, January 31, 2020 --( Built for making all Canadians know which financial service will help them reach goals faster; utilizing the power of AI; a deeply personalized budgeting tips section for individual spending habits; up to 100 financial dictionary terms at users’ fingertips.

The new “needs vs wants” feature allows you to see what costs can be cut from your spending habits.

Chango budgeting and financial wellness app will be available for Canada’s geographical region currently and will scale globally later on.

Chango today announced the all-new personal finance and financial wellness app, built from the machine learning and AI for empowering Canadians to pick the right financial options for their life goals. With a fully secure technology, Chango budgeting and financial wellness app offer up to 150 categories for labeling expenses, all-in-one-place bank accounts viewability fast and easy. Chango also offers uploading of receipts onto the server to just keep track of your expenses.

Chango app will be made available in the Google Play Store and App Store soon.

"We've made our best budgeting app better than our competitors,” said Alfred Junco, CEO, Chango. "The all-new Chango budgeting app has everything you need for having complete control of your finances with plenty of categories for labeling your expenses and realizing where you can cut costs, and it’s completely free."

The all-new Chango budgeting app includes:

Beautiful UI - Brilliant and simple user interface makes sure you can weave in and around your way easily and hassle-free.

New Needs Vs Wants - With a new needs vs wants to label, easily understand which expenses could have been avoided to stay in a budget.

New safe to spend feature - A safe to spend allows you to view daily, monthly and annually.

Receipt tracker - The most clutter-free feature for budgeting apps, upload receipts and automatically get your groceries to cost updated into your daily budgeting.

New Financial dictionary - Easier knowledge of financial jargon at one touch from the app.

Financial Insights - Custom-tuned, financial insights to see upcoming bills, safe to spend and how to distribute income for fulfilling budgeting goals.

Chango exclusive features - exclusive one-on-one counseling for newcomers to Canada, financial software for business institutions and more. For more information, visit

The all-new Chango budgeting and financial wellness app will be available to individual Canadians for free.

The Chango app shall be made available in the play store and app store within a couple of months. Anyone who wants to learn about personal finance without having to afford a financial advisor can do it for free in this app.

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About Chango

Chango is guided by four principles: passion rather than useless fluff, playful rather than strict and mundane financial jargon, and approachable rather than old-school stiff-upper-lip culture. Financial literacy guides, Chango budgeting app, and financial wellness guides are some of the products and services pioneered by Chango.
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