Malimbe Showcases Nigeria in Twelve Editions

1st year anniversary of Malimbe magazine (Nigeria in twelve editions). In-flight magazine of four airlines continues discussions with two other airlines. Five Agreements signed to distribute the general magazine in bookstores and supermarkets all over Nigeria.

Lagos, Nigeria, January 31, 2020 --( February 2020 marks the 12th edition of Malimbe and in that time, the team of the Nigerian magazine has visited twelve different destinations to show Nigeria to the world. In these twelve months, Malimbe has covered, among others; Yola, Bauchi, Gombe, Sokoto, Suleja, Rivers, Kaduna, Benin, Jos, Ibadan, etc.

Malimbe is the official in-flight magazine of several Nigerian Airlines, including Arik Air, Aero Contractors, Dana Air, and Bristow. On expansion plans, one of the founders of the magazine, Ana Acha, said, “We are still negotiating with two other airlines and we expect to be on board their planes in the first quarter of 2020.”

The partnership with the four airlines allows the the 100-page monthly magazine to be on board over 1,600 flights every month connecting 30 plus cities in Nigeria. Besides the in-flight editions, Malimbe also produces a general copy that sells at RovingHeights, GrandSquare Supermarkets, Ouida, Patabah, and Unilag bookstores. Malimbe can also be accessed through their website or by visiting their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn (@malimbeafrica).

Malimbe magazine is fully produced, designed and printed in Nigeria and each edition contains chapters on history, business, local and international travel, poetry, fashion, food, arts, etc. which always feature people from Nigeria.
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