Indie Rights Releases Kitschy Action/Comedy Boris and the Bomb Now on Amazon Prime Video

Indie Rights has released the kickstarter funded directing debut of USC Film School alum and CNN collaborator, David P. Kronmiller. Kronmiller wrote and produced the film with partner Jennifer Emily McLean through their company FishEyedLensy. The film is now available on Amazon Prime.

Burbank, CA, January 31, 2020 --( “Little budget. Big big heart. And what a blast!” -Jim Kardashian RaccoonTv

“...brings us back to the American serials or the first Indiana Jones.” -Michael Machaud

Boris and the Bomb, an action/comedy about what happens when an EX-KGB Agent gets in the back seat of a “Yuber” with a Nuclear Bomb he has just 48 hour to fix before it goes off, premiered at The 2019 Valley Film Festival. It stars J. Anthony McCarthy (This Is Us, No Good Nick) as Boris and Faran Tahir (Iron Man, 12 Monkeys) as the man trying to get Boris' bomb.

“It's been a complete pleasure for me. . . I read the script and knew I immediately wanted to do it no matter how,” says Faran Tahir. Tahir's film “I'll Meet You There” premieres at SXSW 2020.

Renowned martial artist and motion capture actor, T.J. Storm, recently recognized by The Producers Guild for his work as Darth Vader in the game Vader Immortal, gives audiences a chance to see his face, as well as fighting chops, as bad guy Wallace. Known for playing Godzilla in the new Godzilla franchise, The Predator in the Predator, Dancing Baby Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy and Colossus in Deadpool, Storm brings an amazing depth of experience to the part of Wallace.

Leela Ladnier, star of Disney's new musical animated show Mira, Royal Detective, has her feature film debut as, Lily, opposite her mother Kavi Ladnier (Just Add Magic, Heroes) who stars as Maya.

Director David P. Kronmiller is a stand-up comic and filmmaker, but is best known for his small part on the hit teen franchise Saved By The Bell: The New Class and his documentary and commentary work for CNN’s iReport where he garnered over 1 million page views in 2009 - a big number for the time.

“None of this would have happened if not for 3 amazing women who championed us -Tracey Adlai of The Valley Film Festival who gave us our wings and restored our hope and faith in the industry and told us about Indie Rights, Barbara Holliday at Flappers Comedy Club Burbank who helped us get a boost with our cast/crew screening and of course Linda Nelson of Indie Rights Movies,” says Kronmiller about the film’s support in the indie community. “They've just been incredible.”

The film also features or stars: Molly Hagan (Big Little Lies, iZombie), Pete Gardner (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Transformers), Kurt Caceres (T@gged, Prison Break, Mi Familia), Wes Robertson (Mindhunter, Sharp Objects), Parisa Fakhri (SEAL Team, Agents of SHIELD), Andy Forrest (Parks and Recreation), Kurtis Bedford (Scream, Go On), Rene Michelle Aranda (The Fanatic, Night Mistress), Steve Sabo (Wiseguys), and Marc Goldsmith (Friends, King of Queens). With Michael Proctor, Sarah Barton, Jason Young, and Amy Sachiko Oakes reprising their roles from “and Boris: The Webseries” upon which the film is partially based.

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