RadiusPoint Announces Premier Procurement Portal, BNDL

Orlando, FL, February 01, 2020 --(PR.com)-- RadiusPoint, industry-leader for telecom, wireless and utility expense management, has done it again. The organization has recently announced the launch of its premier procurement portal, BNDL, creating a whole new approach for savings for all organizations. This exciting new portal will allow all businesses to purchase supplies and services at an outstanding reduced cost.

Many people may wonder what exactly is BNDL? BNDL is simple, it bundles the purchasing needs of many businesses to create massive purchasing power. When larger corporations buy items in bulk, they pay less per item (think of somewhere like Costco where doughnuts only cost 25c when you buy a dozen rather than $3 each at Starbucks). Now, as a member of BNDL, many will have access to the same prices as these larger corporations.

"BNDL is truly a revolutionary tool in the world of e-procurement. It has the possibility to benefit any business, with simple controls, easy purchasing, lower prices and all at zero cost to our members," said Sharon Watkins, CEO of RadiusPoint.

Many people will confuse this new tool with Amazon, but BNDL is quite different. Amazon is a market, where anyone can sell their products and at whatever price they want. The consumer would have to continuously look around and find the best price. With BNDL, the tool does the work for the consumer. It negotiates awesome deals with a limited number of suppliers who want to work with both BNDL and their exclusive client base. And they only choose 2 suppliers from each state, a local supplier and a national supplier, so the customer always has the choice to purchase from vendors locally or nationally.

The BNDL procurement portal is one of a kind tool that will allow all organizations the ability to order their products and services as needed, all with corporate approvals. Organizations finally have a chance to get real tangible savings for their business, and an easy way to procure, manage and save. If this sounds interesting, contact BNDL via email at join@bndlbuy.com, and learn more about this tool today.

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