Independent Publishing Platform Releases Publishing Predictions for 2020

Bublish makes predictions for the self-publishing market and the book industry.

Charleston, SC, February 02, 2020 --( Kathy Meis, CEO of Bublish, a full-service publishing platform that supports independent authors with a variety of services, programs and technologies, recently made her predictions for the self-publishing industry in 2020.

“The first two decades of the new millennium were filled with innovation and disruption in the publishing industry. Online bookselling, the rise of Amazon, the tremendous growth of self-publishing, and the popularization of eBooks and audiobooks were just a few of the major changes that rocked the industry.”

“Not since the invention of The Gutenberg Press in 1440 has publishing seen so much change. So what might the new decade hold for those of us working in today’s ever-changing world of publishing? Here Meis’s top three publishing predictions for 2020.”

“Prediction #1: Independent authors will gain access to distribution channels and programs once only available to traditionally published authors. This year will mark a turning point. On one side, physical retailers–both big and small–are looking for new, diverse voices to differentiate their offerings to readers. With the right book and the right financial terms, retail doors will open for more indie authors.”

“Prediction #2: Technology, like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, will bring new efficiencies, cost and time savings, global opportunities, and better outcomes to independent authors. A variety of new technologies will streamline publishing workflows, cut out the middleman in financial transactions, and demolish outdated obstacles that stand between authors and their readers.”

“Prediction #3: A professional class of entrepreneurial indie authors will grow more quickly in 2020. They won’t have the instant home runs that early indies had, but they will break through and build significant careers with growing financial reward. My prediction is that more indie authors will embrace the realities of what it takes to make it in this business. There will be fewer authors who buy into the hype that they can become bestselling authors overnight. There will be more indie authors–both fiction and nonfiction–who embrace the reality that publishing a book independently is an entrepreneurial endeavor and it takes time and commitment to succeed.”

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