The Immanuel Sheefeni AIDS Foundation Develops the Immanuel Sheefeni Fish Farm, Namibia’s Largest Aquaphonics System in Outapi

Verbal activism against HIV/AIDS alone does not really help many of the people who are affected, effected and victimized by being denied certain basic services such as employment, and their lack of food and the stigma that is intruded upon their daily living due to the fact that they are HIV positive.

Windhoek, Namibia, February 08, 2020 --( The Immanuel Sheefeni AIDS Foundation, a Namibia-registered and based non-profit organization, founded by Namibia’s foremost and well-known HIV Activist and Motivational Speaker, Mr. Immanuel Sheefeni, through its special Trust, The Immanuel Sheefeni Fish Farm Trust, is developing one of Africa's largest aquaphonics systems, to produce over 39,000 tons per annum of Shrimps and over 100,000 tons per annum of Tilapia, as well as hundreds of tons of mixture of vegetables for the local and SADC food markets.

Aquaphonics is a combination of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (soil-less plants growing) that grows fish and plants together in one integrated system. Aquaphonics is a new and innovative idea, although has been around for centuries. It is resurfacing in our modern world and attracting many people. In 2012, Industry ARC reported, "Aquaponics as an industry has a potential market size of around USD $180 million in 2013 and this is expected to cross USD $1 billion in sales by 2020."

The Trust has put together a great team of local and international professional Environmental Engineers, Consulting Engineers, Project Development and Management, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers with Namibia-based Oluzizi Construction serving as the Main Contractor for the successful development, engineering and construction of the Immanuel Sheefeni Fish Farm project in the Anamulenge Constituency of Omusati Region.

"As an HIV Activist for over the past 8 years, I have been serving, on a voluntary basis, as an HIV/AIDS activist throughout Namibia, whereby through my motivational speaking social engagements via the Radio and TV as well as on Social Media, I have helped more than 30,000 individuals in Namibia to disclose their HIV/AIDS status for them to start getting medical and social assistance. However, that alone is not good enough, people need food to eat and jobs to earn some money to care for their families, and this initiative is part of my wide margin campaign to empower people, especially those that are affected and effected by HIV/AIDS,” states Mr. Immanuel Sheefeni.

The Immanuel Sheefeni Fish Farm Project is poised to create more than 3,000 direct job opportunities of permanent employees in Outapi, especially for those who are affected and or infected with and by HIV/AIDS, while contributing to the production of food security in Namibia.

"I am excited to see my good friend and Comrade, Immanuel Sheefeni, taking his social activism to the next level, to develop one of the best innovative projects in our country, to produce and supply the much needed fish and vegetables for our people, which is a great contribution to the food production of our country. And I am very happy for our construction company, Oluzizi Construction, one of Namibia’s largest General Contractors, to support this great initiative as the Main Contractor," exclaims Mr. Simon Andjamba, Managing-Director and Founder of Oluzizi World of Commerce (Pty) Ltd.

The Immanuel Sheefeni Fish Farm Trust is raising USD $100 million for the development and engineering of the Aquaphonics System through the issuance of series of Debenture Notes ranging in different face values of N$5,000 to N$10 million each respectively, with the maturity time frame of 10 years, at 17% interest per annum, payable twice in each year.

"We hope to raise the needed capital soonest and we are looking to have every Namibian to get involved and be part of this initiative, through our debentures' offering and earn great returns on their investment and further receive monthly fish as bonuses for your participation in our Debentures' offering," adds Mr. Immanuel Sheefeni.

The Immanuel Sheefeni Fish Farm Project has received the blessings, in writing, of the Honorable Governor of Omusati Region and the Ombalantu Traditional Authority.

The construction of the Immanuel Sheefeni Fish Farm is expected to start in the late part of 2020 with about 600 construction workers, and is expected to be commissioned by 2021.

About The Immanuel Sheefeni AIDS Foundation

Based in Windhoek, The Immanuel Sheefeni AIDS Foundation focuses on providing information and resources needed for the prevention and treatment, child protection and well-being, food security and income generation initiatives for the people and communities most in need.


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