Hodusoft Announce WebRTC Phone Inclusion in Contact Center Software

WebRTC inclusion in contact center software is a game changer in many ways and this is what Hodusoft offers in their recently revamped contact center software.

Ahmedabad, India, February 08, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Hodusoft, a unit of class leading VoIP tech developers Ecosmob, announced WebRTC phone in their contact center software. “This is a game changer in several different ways,” said the company’s VP.

Elaborating on WebRTC inclusion he went on to say that this iteration of the contact center software opens up entirely new possibilities for contact center operations.

First, anyone can start contact center operations from anywhere using remote based agents. You do not even need to have an office to start contact center business. Smartphones and desktop systems become full-fledged communication centers linked to CRM in the main computer. This means agents can use their smartphones anywhere and at any time to be accessible to callers and to initiate campaigns. While doing so they have full access to phone lists and can use the auto dial feature. All transactions go on record for analysis.

Second, WebRTC brings in its wake the feature of conferencing and chat. This means agents are free to use audio chat or even engage in virtual face to face meetings with callers which certainly raise the experience index. Second, WebRTC allows sharing of documents and presentations as well as the facility of inviting others to join the conversation. This can certainly help in faster resolution of issues or more convincing sales pitch when an expert’s contribution is needed or if a demo must be shown on screen. While the contact center may have WebRTC phone, the party at the other end does not need to install any software or plugin. A simple invite initiates proceedings.

Three, existing call centers can upgrade to WebRTC phone and enhance communications as shown above. All you will need with the WebRTC CC solution is a smartphone or desktop with headphone-mic-camera and there you have it.

Four, enterprises can switch to Hodusoft’s WebRTC phone based contact center software and handle customer services in-house with better quality of services. The contact center solution naturally takes care of automatic call distribution and skill based mapping. Mobility extension means the relevant person is always available even though physically not present in office. The customer receives prompt attention at all times and that too of a relatively higher quality.

“As can be seen, the possibilities are quite exciting when one has WebRTC in the contact center package. We are working on infusing artificial intelligence into the CC software to make it even better with features such as natural language recognition and translation and more intelligent machine learning based algorithms that will recognize customers, their issues and result in the right response delivered with speed,” said the VP.

Hodusoft’s superb record of innovation takes another step forward with this WebRTC CC software and there is more to come to help contact centers become more profitable while reducing costs.

Businesses and entrepreneurs wishing to adopt Hodusoft’s WebRTC phone may get in touch by phone on 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638 or chat live on https://hodusoft.com/contact-center-software/.

Source: https://www.prlog.org/12809183-hodusoft-announce-webrtc-phone-inclusion-in-contact-center-software.html
Sindhav Bhagirath