AI in Drug Discovery to Host Panel Discussion on "The AI Paradigm Shift – Is It Just a Hype?"

SMi Reports: The AI in Drug Discovery conference will feature a panel discussion with panellists from Novartis, OMass Therapeutics, Domaineux and AstraZeneca.

London, United Kingdom, February 13, 2020 --( SMi Group’s inaugural AI in Drug Discovery conference will take place on 16th-17th March 2020 in London to analyse and discuss AI machine learning technologies and their potential to reduce drug discovery costs by an estimated US$70 billion over the next decade.

The conference will host a panel discussion titled “The AI Paradigm Shift – is it just a hype?” which will be moderated by Tobias Gabriel, Head, External Science & Drug Discovery, Novartis.

Panellists will include:
· Ben Tehan, Director, OMass Therapeutics
· Christine Richardson, Lead Scientist, Domainex
· Christian Tyrchan, Associate Director-Computational Chemistry, AstraZeneca Sweden
· Graham Smith, Team Leader, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, AstraZeneca UK

Artificial intelligence promises to accelerate the drug discovery process and reduce costs, and opportunities to apply ML occur in all stages of drug discovery. Examples include target validation, prospective analysis of chemical reactivity, facilitating the rapid identification of compounds, identification of prognostic biomarkers and analysis of digital pathology data in clinical trials. Recently, multi-objective de novo design, more recently referred to as generative chemistry, has had a resurgence of interest.

Deep generative models are machine learning techniques that use neural networks to produce new data objects and promise to revolutionize the design-make-test-analyse cycle and dramatically improve research productivity.

The panel discussion will examine how broadly these models are applied and where they can maximally impact productivity today and in the near future.

Interested parties can view the full agenda and book their place online at:

AI in Drug Discovery Conference 2020
Main Conference: 16th-17th March 2020
Post-Conference Workshop: 18th March 2020
London, UK
Sponsors: ChemAxon, Schrödinger
Exhibitor: OpenEye Scientific Software

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