Asia Alpha Have Made It Even Easier to Contact Them

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., February 15, 2020 --( Asia Alpha are happy to announce they have set up a new phone number for Australia so it is now even easier to call them and without the international fees.

This is just the start to localizing the Asia Alpha brand to countries all over the world with Uk and EU countries to soon follow.

Having grown their brand successfully over the last 12 years and venturing out into many corners of the world this can only be seen as a positive move from the Asia Alpha team who vow to make doing business with them as easy as possible.

Head of Marketing Chris Reeves made this comment, "We are always looking at ways of making the life's of our clients as easy as possible and something as simple as localizing our phone number is a no brainer, we will continue to add more numbers for all over EU and the UK in the very near future."
Asia Alpha Capital Management
Chris Reeve
+ 852 5808 4890