New Halogen Free Solder Paste with Excellent Wetting and Printability

Koki Company Limited announces the release of a newly developed halogen free solder paste S3X58-HF1000, categorized as ROL0 according to IPC J-STD-004B.

Tokyo, Japan, February 16, 2020 --( Elements in the halogen group possess a strong oxidation-reduction property and are often used in conventional solder paste with addition of just a small amount of halogen in a flux formulation promoting good wetting performance and low void occurrence. However, due to environmental concerns, eliminating halogen usage is a recent and accelerating trend.

Designing a halogen free flux requires a formulation with a relatively large amount of organic acids to compensate for their weaker oxidation-reduction property compared with halogens. Furthermore, organic acids are prone to decompose at high temperature. This makes it challenging to achieve as high a heat resistant flux activation as halogen containing flux.

A newly developed halogen-free solder paste S3X58-HF1000 adopts “stabilizer” technology that inhibits the oxidation-reduction reaction at room temperature. With the technology, the solder paste flux exerts its fullest activation strength during the reflow temperatures and realizes robust solder wetting despite being halogen free. The activator in the flux is also designed to be highly heat resistant.
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