New Heat Curable SMT Adhesives Released to Complement the Adhesive Lineup

Two new SMT adhesives have been released by Koki, one is for low temperature curing and the other for the reflow soldering process. - September 03, 2020

High Electrical Reliability Tack Flux with 9 Months Shelf Life

Koki Company Limited is launching a new tack flux, TF-M881R for BGA / CSP components applications with a long shelf life of 9 months. The tack flux is JEITA ET-7304A compliant halogen-free, and ROL0 according to IPC J-STD-004B. - August 09, 2020

Koki Launch Air-Reflow Applicable Type 5 Solder Paste for Micro-Pattern Application

The newly developed halogen free solder paste S3X70-G811 adopts a specially engineered flux formulation optimized for Type 5 solder powder and enables air reflow soldering of 0402 metric size components. Excellent meltability and wettability at the micro-patterns in air reflow Although the solder... - May 15, 2020

New Halogen Free Solder Paste with Excellent Wetting and Printability

Koki Company Limited announces the release of a newly developed halogen free solder paste S3X58-HF1000, categorized as ROL0 according to IPC J-STD-004B. - February 16, 2020

Award-Winning: Koki Company Limited Distinguished Committee Service Award Presented to Mr. Jasbir Bath, for His Contribution in Developing IPC Standards

Koki Company Limited is honored to announce that Mr. Jasbir Bath, Support Advisory Engineer of Koki Solder America, will be receiving a Distinguished Committee Service Award by IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries®. Distinguished Committee Awards are given by IPC to those... - December 27, 2019

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