Controversial Alternative Rock Song About a School Shooter May Change the Face of Music

An Alternative Rock song about a school shooter stirs up controversy.

Santa Clarita, CA, February 19, 2020 --( It has been said that great art is a reflection of society. This song puts a very big mirror up to reflect a very big problem. In an interview with Lit & Woke Music Blogzine, Loveforce International Records Recording Artists, Alternative Rock band Teacherz talked about their new single, "Sonny Brought A Gun To School."

The band, which is made up of public school teachers, said that they recorded the song as a reflection of a problem in society but also as an attempt to get Americans at all levels to begin a serious discussion of the issue.

"Children are dying in their own classrooms and society isn’t doing anything about it," said a member of Teacherz.

Band members called out the NRA and their lobbyists as a big part of the problem. They claimed that the NRA slogan about people killing people instead of guns killing people was just "Lame." They suggested a reality check slogan, People kill people but guns kill a whole lot of people, when referring to the proliferation of assault weapons.

When asked why they are qualified to make this statement (albeit musically), as they are not policy makers, they are merely teachers and musicians; the band responded that they are on the front line with children and their lives are at risk as well and that is what qualifies them to make the statement.

"Sonny Brought A Gun To School" by Teacherz, on Loveforce International Records is due for release on Friday, February 21 and will be available on Spotify, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Deezer, Apple Music, Napster, bandcamp, Amazon Music, Google Play, Instgram Stories, Media Net and Tik Tok.

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