Dicker Reading Method Opens Funding Round for Breakthrough Reading App

The new reading tutoring application is designed to deliver the same amazing results of the breakthrough reading tutoring technique, the Dicker Reading method.

Scarsdale, NY, March 11, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Dicker Reading Method (DRM), a learning center specializing in teaching children how to read, has opened a first round of funding for their vision of a new reading tutoring application that shifts a student from the frustrating condition of "I can't read" to the joy and satisfaction of "I can read."

10,000 students, from preschool through 12th grade, have produced remarkable reading results after experiencing program. Acclaimed by CBS, Family Circle, and thousands of parents and educators, the reading app implements the proven methods of the DRM.

“Illiteracy is America's secret shame. Over 100 million Americans are illiterate. This number continues to grow as millions of children are labeled ‘learning disabled.’ There is a need to transform the face of education across the globe and I feel that the DRM is an answer to illiteracy,” Al Dicker, founder of the Dicker Reading method, said. “I have been working on digitizing my program, which will take all of the DRM's proven methods and put them in a super fun app for your phone, tablet, and computer. It's easy, it's fun, it's a game, and it works.”

The app appears as just a game or an e-book for children to the user. But underlying the games is a time-tested reading method. In 1 minute, a child can learn 5 new words and their meaning, then read these new words fluently in a sentence, paragraph or story.

Since the beginning of the program, founder Al Dicker has been commended by such luminaries as Jean DePesa, Former President of the United Parents Association of New York City, who said, "I've represented over 400,000 parents whose children attended the public schools throughout our city. I had a chance to see the amazing results. Children were actually learning to read for the first time. They actually were moving from I can't to I can. I must say that if you or your child is having difficulty reading, this is the program you should really look at; because it could make all the difference for your child and your family."

Smart devices in a classroom let children learn at their own pace. New technology makes monitoring 30 devices in a classroom possible too. Because of the advances in technology, it is possible for the DRM to revolutionize education.

“If you teach a child to read you change the world,” said Al Dicker.
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