HealthCorum Announces Interim Chief Medical Officer and Advisory Board Members

Dr. Roki Chauhan, Cathy K. Eddy, U.N. Amighi and Tracey Dodenhoff have been appointed to HealthCorum's advisory board.

Boston, MA, March 04, 2020 --( HealthCorum, a Healthcare analytics company specializing in the detection of wasteful and unnecessary spending, has today announced that it has added a quartet of industry veterans to its advisory board. They are jointly focused on guiding the company to market and aiding the continued deployment of a first-of-its-kind technology solution for identifying low-value health care spending. Together, they bring over a century of dynamic Healthcare experience and expertise to the HealthCorum team.

About HealthCorum
HealthCorum was founded in 2016 with the mission to eliminate much of the low-value healthcare spending that currently exceeds $1 trillion annually here in the US. While existing efforts that focus on clinical edits, audits and recovery have shown returns - they only look at a fraction of total spending. Improving risk management can help organizations maintain care quality and improve profitability in an ever-changing environment, which is why HealthCorum uniquely focuses on developing technology to identify and reduce the delivery of low-value care. HealthCorum is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

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