PTPN Sees 9% Increase in California Claims Volume 2 Years in a Row

Calabasas, CA, March 04, 2020 --( PTPN, the country’s premier network of private practice therapists, has generated significantly more claims volume for its California providers in 2019 than the prior year – 9% more than in 2018.

This increase follows the same level of growth in 2018, when claims volume was 9% higher than in 2017.

“This year-over-year growth means PTPN is helping providers thrive in spite of the uncertainty and competition in the healthcare marketplace,” said PTPN President Michael Weinper, PT, DPT, MPH. “It’s the direct result of our commitment to supporting and promoting private practices.”

The $61 million in claims volume reported by PTPN providers in California for 2019, up 9% from 2018, represents patients seen via the nearly 100 managed care contracts that PTPN secures on behalf of its providers. The average charge billed by PTPN members was nearly flat, so this shows an actual increase in business per member.

One reason for the increase is PTPN’s newest program, PTPN CompDirect. PTPN CompDirect links workers’ compensation payers, providers, and patients transparently. “PTPN CompDirect expanded from a pilot program to full implementation in 2019,” said PTPN Vice President Nancy Rothenberg. “The program is growing in response to dissatisfaction with the ‘middleman’ organizations that rebill physical medicine and keep a large portion of reimbursement.”

In PTPN CompDirect, payers pay providers directly. There’s no middleman billing the payer and paying only a fraction of the payment to the provider, which slows down payment, frustrates providers, and jeopardizes the injured workers’ experience. To learn more, visit

About PTPN: PTPN is the nation’s premier specialty network of rehabilitation therapists in private practice. It has led the rehabilitation industry in pioneering national contracting and quality assurance programs since 1985. The network has more than 700 provider offices (including physical, occupational and speech therapists). PTPN contracts with most major managed care organizations in the nation including insurers, workers’ compensation companies, PPOs, HMOs, medical groups, and IPAs. For more information on PTPN, contact Stephen Moore at (818) 737-0246 or, or visit
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