Mark Gibson Joins Enableocity

Sales Enablement-as-a-Service company adds marketing and enablement execution muscle.

San Jose, CA, March 06, 2020 --( Sales Enablement-as-a-Service (SEaaS) provider Enableocity announces that Mark Gibson of Advanced Marketing Concepts ( will join as Chief Marketing Officer and General Partner.

Mark Gibson will bring his Sales Enablement and training frameworks, proven enablement experience, and decades-long inbound marketing know how to enhance Enableocity’s Enablement-as-a-Service offerings. Enableocity uniquely addresses a need in the market for companies lacking a sales enablement capability or where their sales enablement teams need a force multiplier.

Corey Sommers, co-founder and CEO of Enableocity and a 25-year Sales Enablement pioneer stated, “It’s easy to invest a lot of time and money in sales enablement initiatives that don’t move the needle. The question is, do you really KNOW your onboarding will work, that your SKO will rock, and that your sales content is really being ADOPTED by sales?”

The addition of Mark Gibson and his Advanced Marketing Concepts IP is going to help Enableocity clients answer these questions in the affirmative and fill out the company’s range of offerings, that include:

Playbooks-as-a-Service (PBaaS)

Onboarding-as-a-Service (OBaaS)

Sales Academy-as-a-Service (SAaaS)

Channel-Enablement-as-a-Service (CEaaS)

QBR-as-a-Service (QBRaas)

Mark Gibson, a 16-year sales enablement veteran stated, “Sales enablement is a revenue generating function and when applied effectively, it can accelerate growth and establish long-term success. This requires proven training and skills development methods, fresh and compelling content, and seamless delivery frameworks that provide the right content in the right format for immediate consumption. Enableocity has developed unique, immersive training and gamification experiences, an ongoing learning method, and a truly innovative playbook delivery offering and I’m super-excited to be joining the team.”

About Enableocity: Enableocity helps Sales & Enablement leaders to overcome growth constraints to improve sales outcomes. We bring sales content to life with experiential learning, gamification, & events to drive adoption. We do this by integrating proven methods, frameworks and technology as-a-Service. It's all about knowing and not guessing what works.

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