SportCampTravel Launches Soccer Scouting Program in Portugal

Premium sports concierge service, SportCampTravel, launches exclusive soccer scouting program in Porto, Portugal for aspiring soccer players.

Miami, FL, March 11, 2020 --( In 2020, SportCampTravel launched a new soccer scouting program in Porto, Portugal. Since 2005, the company has been offering premium sport camps and full-year training for athletes from around the world in a variety of sports. This program is designed for soccer players ages 14+ who are looking for a professional contract. The scouts work with many Division 1 and Division 2 soccer clubs around Europe. Athletes will receive high-intensity training for 2 weeks or 1 month with other teams. During that time, the scouts will evaluate their game and soccer skills. In this program, the scouts and coaches will sit down with players to discuss their game and potential about signing a contract with a professional club. SportCampTravel does not guarantee a professional contact but it provides players with the opportunity to be seen by scouts. The program includes boarding, meals, training, fitness training. “I think it is a great program for young soccer players who are looking for a new experience and want to try to play in a professional league. We have been collaborating with the scouts who run the program for a very long time,” says Kirill Kucherov, SportCampTravel CEO and Co-founder. "We recently had a 14-year-old goalkeeper get signed to a Division 2 team in Portugal, so we are really excited to share this opportunity with our clients,” continues Kucherov.

The scouting in Portugal is available any time during the year. Players just need to fill out the registration form on the SportCampTravel website and one of their agents will reach out.

SportCampTravel was founded by brother and sister duo, Kirill Kucherov and Natalia Kucherova, in 2005. Since then, hundreds of players from around the world have participated in both summer camps and year round training. SportCampTravel provides players with the best soccer camps in Europe: Sporting CP Soccer Camp in Lisbon, Marcet Soccer Academy in Barcelona, SCT Soccer Academy in Valencia. In addition, they offer the most exclusive swimming camp in Antibes, France: Alain Bernard Swimming Camp. The best tennis camps in Europe: JC Ferrero Tennis Academy, Rafael Nadal Tennis Academy.
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