HypeLabs and Lavu Announce Integration Collaboration

This new integration allows Lavu's clients to operate restaurants even without an internet connection.

San Francisco, CA, March 12, 2020 --(PR.com)-- HypeLabs, the leading software-only mesh networking provider, is excited to announce a new integration collaboration with Lavu, a Point of Sale solution, currently being used in 89 countries, for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, coffee shops, food trucks, and more. In addition to the POS, Lavu also offers inventory management tools, employee scheduling, shift-trading, and payroll reports.

Lavu and HypeLabs hold similar values: Both companies believe that, when two or more nearby devices have to be connected to each other, it is not necessary to overload the networks and send that information to travel through the Cloud taking the chance of losing all that valuable data if the internet fails, something very common especially in crowded places. “Having the HypeLabs technology integrated into our platform allows our clients to completely operate a restaurant even without an internet connection. This partnership greatly improve the efficiency in which Lavu is able to sync information across all our devices,” shares Nicholas Fuqua, Principal Product Manager at Lavu.

Once the HypeLabs and Lavu integration is complete, devices with the Lavu POS software installed will automatically scan for other nearby devices they need to communicate with by using their built-in wireless technology such as Bluetooth, WiFi, and WiFi Direct. No user intervention is needed for this process.

When all the devices in the restaurant are connected, through a secure and resilient HypeLabs mesh network, the data can be relayed to the destination device to device without the need for an internet connection. If external communication is required, for example when a customer is about to pay the bill, if at least one device in the local mesh is connected to the Internet, the HypeLabs SDK can relay payment & other data from device to device until it reaches the Internet-connected node.

“This is more than an ‘offline mode’ it is more of an ‘always syncing feature’ because that is exactly what it does in the background. This new feature is being used at all times, even when the POS device is online. That way if the internet connection is ever lost, syncing remains intact as if our customers were still connected to the internet,” says MR. Fuqua, who has been working at Lavu for more than 4 years.

Processing payment has been a critical issue for restauranteurs when there is no or slow Internet connection. Currently, all of the advanced POS systems encrypt and store the client’s credit card information until the device is back online. This is a temporary solution that has some limitation such as there is a limit on the data that can be stored, it is impossible to confirm if the transaction was approved, and last but not least it is not possible to process tips.

“We take security very seriously here at HypeLabs. Our patent-pending security technology enables end-to-end encryption links between devices which makes impossible for bad actors to access the personal information of the restaurant customers,” says Carlos Lei, Co-Founder, and CEO at HypeLabs. “We are thrilled to announce this integration because we believe that this feature will be a game-changer in the POS industry, and we are pleased to have started this journey with a great company like Lavu.”

According to Nicholas Fuqua, the new version of the Lavu POS platform with the integration with HypeLabs will be available for a select group of its clients during the first quarter of 2020, to ensure a successful implementation, and finally, it will be available for all its clients later in this year. The exact dates will be announced by the company soon.

About HypeLabs

HypeLabs was founded on the belief that connectivity matters. It was founded after observing there was a huge gap between the way people connect and access information across developed and developing countries. HypeLabs believes in connectivity as a human right, as an enabler of growth and a tool to learn. It’s an equalizer of opportunities.

Today the company is on a mission to expand connectivity. HypeLabs believes in great software as a solution to make tomorrow’s connections more reliable, secure, affordable, and interoperable, and that new paradigms in connectivity are key in achieving a brighter, more connected, future.

In order to achieve such vision, HypeLabs created the Hype SDK, an interoperable mesh networking software that improves connectivity on all kinds of devices, from mobile to desktop to IoT, allowing such to connect even when there is no internet. The software works by intelligently connecting devices in local mesh networks using existing connectivity technologies, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, LoRa and others. This network enables content to securely hop between devices, until it reaches a destination or an Internet exit point, improving range and deliverability.

About Lavu

Launched in 2010, and currently being used in 89 countries, Lavu is a Point of Sale solution designed for use by restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, food trucks, coffee shops, and lounges. The system allows users to customize most aspects, including unlimited menu modifiers, custom menu item icons, and layout. Lavu gives establishments the option to implement tableside ordering, supports take-out and delivery routing, and offers rewards and loyalty through an integration with Loyaltree, as well as an in-house program.

In addition to the Point of Sale, Lavu also gives users inventory management tools, employee scheduling, shift-trading, and payroll reports.

For more information, feel free to contact HypeLabs at Contact@hypelabs.io.
Jose Ortega