Community Partners Realty and Laguna Beach Community Continue Partnership

Community Partners Realty, an Orange County, California, Real Estate company announces their continued partnership with the Laguna Beach Community. Community Partners Realty sponsors coverage of local events happening throughout the city of Laguna Beach in hopes of bringing its residents and small businesses together. Community Partners Realty is an independent, family owned and operated real estate brokerage dedicated to the communities they serve.

Laguna Beach, CA, March 12, 2020 --( Community Partners Realty is happy to announce they will be continuing their partnership with the Laguna Beach Community.

The partnership between Community Partners Realty and the Laguna Beach Community is helping build stronger community relations by bringing families and local businesses together.

Community Partners Realty sponsors Local Communicator to provide local media coverage for promotions and events happening in the Laguna Beach Community.

Getting media coverage for all events, big or small, in the Laguna Beach Community, plays a crucial role in helping educate families as to what is happening within their community.

Having the knowledge of what is going on in their community helps families get outside, be active, and spend quality time with each other while getting to know their neighbors.

In addition to supporting Laguna Beach’s local businesses by bringing the residents and businesses together at local events, their partnership is focused on bringing awareness to Laguna Beach’s real estate exclusively.

Community Partners Realty has added every home on the MLS for sale or lease to the Laguna Beach Community website Therefore, it will be easier for those wanting to sell, buy, or lease real estate in the Laguna Beach Community. Homes for sale and lease are also shown by each specific Laguna Beach neighborhood.

The Laguna Beach Community website also gives Laguna Beach residences a voice. If any of the community members have anything they would like to share with their Laguna Beach neighbors, they may contact Laguna Beach Community online at

Community Partners Realty has been generously giving back to Orange County, California and the Laguna Beach Community for years. The funding they provide helps small businesses get their message out to bring families closer to their Laguna Beach Community.

Being an independent broker for over 25 years, Martin Bressem knows first-hand what it is like for small business owners trying to get their messages heard. “This is the reason Community Partners Realty works so hard at bringing community members and their local small businesses together. It’s really a win-win for everybody.”

Martin Bressem, Broker
Community Partners Realty
Community Partners Realty
Martin Bressem