and Sensational Channel 4 Show, Skins, Show That ‘Going Green’ is Going Fashionable

London, United Kingdom, April 16, 2008 --( In a time where society is looking to go green yet remain fashionable leads the way with their Deluxe Hemp Rucksack being featured in Channel 4 show, Skins. And with ‘Green Chic’ being touted as one of the summers biggest looks the team are getting ready to be very busy.

Proving that they are in touch with the demands of modern culture and able to offer products that are eco-friendly as well as stylish, Episode 9 of Skins, aired on Monday 7th April, featured one of the latest additions to The Deluxe Hemp Rucksack (PS16) ‘that will take you anywhere in style’ last week took ‘Cassie’ all the way to New York. offer a wide range hemp based products from handbags and brief cases to trainers and hoodies. With a range of hemp based food products just being launched, is showing the big brands out there that it’s possible to cater to the needs of society without harming the environment.

Since its formation in the summer of 2007, has ensured that its green credentials have been second to none. With care of the environment being at the heart of the company’s ethos, does their bit against rising fuel emissions by having their goods shipped, rather than flown, to them.

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