In Response to the Coronavirus, the ON! Channel Will be Giving Away Free Memberships

New York, NY, March 19, 2020 --( The ON! Channel, the popular streaming service, has announced today that it will be giving away free 6 month memberships, to the first 100 people who email them at

"Life in America is changing quickly and drastically in response to the Caronavirus (COVID-19). Schools, Museums, Restaurants are being closed as well as businesses asking employees to work from home. With so many people stuck home, pre-teens, teen, parents and more, a home can begin to feel really small, unless everyone can find something to keep them entertained. The ON! Channel has something for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or background. We have over 400 hours of content (and more coming), which is enough to keep everyone home from becoming stir crazy during these uncertain times."

Just email The ON! Channel and say, "I would like a free membership to The ON! Channel" and the streaming service will send a link to follow for signing up. With this link you will not need a credit card, just your email (and you choose a password).

You can view The ON! Channel content by visiting: and clicking on "browse".

The ON! Channel
Rick Henderson