DELU™ Brings Families Together with an Indoor and Outdoor Tailgate-Type Game During This Time of Social Isolation

Wisconsin startup, run by a UW-Madison student, creates a fun new game for the whole family. A game that can be played inside or outside, providing hours of fun and family bonding during this time of social isolation.

Milwaukee, WI, March 21, 2020 --( JT Nejedlo, a senior at UW-Madison is changing the game industry. He created a new tailgate-type game for all ages that can be played inside or outside. After launching in early December of 2019, DELU has seen a strong inflow of sales. DELU is an indoor or outdoor tailgate-type game that is fun for the whole family from kids to grandparents. Currently DELU is available exclusively direct-to-customer through its ecommerce website.

There is a lack of activities for people to do with many events being cancelled. They are looking for activities to do at home during this time of increased isolation. DELU is a great way to bring the family together and pass time. It is a simple game to learn and is fun for all ages. DELU’s five-star customer reviews show the love for the game, “My son and I play this every day! This game is great! Fun indoor and out for all ages!”

To play DELU, players alternate tossing a ball overhand, which must bounce on the ground once and only once. They score points based on where it lands. The point values range from one to four. The game is played to 20, however, if a player busts by scoring more than 20 or players tie, they go back to 15. Players can get an automatic win by making the ball in the top hole, but the other player then has a chance for a rebuttal. DELU is a competitive game and a lot of fun. The game requires skill, but also a little bit of luck. DELU is extremely captivating, no matter the age, which is what makes it such a fun family game.

DELU was created the summer before starting college at UW-Madison, Nejedlo was bored and wanted to create his own game to play. He took elements of games he liked and improved upon elements of games he didn’t like to create DELU. “I wanted a game that would be fun, no matter what the score is, where every throw matters. I added a twist most games don’t have. Players could get an automatic win if they land it in a small hole on the top,” Nejedlo said. Over the next three years, Nejedlo used DELU in class projects at UW-Madison and worked on it outside of school as well. He was constantly making improvements to make the game more fun as well as manufacturable. Currently the game is locally made in Milwaukee, WI by Jonco Industries.

Nejedlo is working hard at building DELU’s brand and getting his fun new game in front of more people. Everyone who tries the game is hooked after one throw. It is such a simple game, but is so rewarding when players score. Nejedlo thinks DELU is the next big game and he is excited to continue to grow his company and get the game on store shelves one day. Walt Disney once said, "All dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them,” which is a quote that keeps Nejedlo going. “There is nothing cooler than seeing people have fun playing something I created. It is really a dream come true that I have my own product in the market that people love.” Success with DELU is his dream and he plans on working on it as long as people continue to enjoy the game.
DELU Games
JT Nejedlo