Helping Runners Overcome the Disappointment of Cancelled Events 26.2 4U Offers Concierge Services That Create "Personal Race Day Experiences"

Boston, MA, April 05, 2020 --( Hundreds of thousands of runners around the world have trained for months and maybe even years, for road races that have understandably been cancelled or postponed. 26.2 4U was created with a simple mission, to support the running community by helping runners achieve their dreams and goals from the safety of their own neighborhoods during these times of uncertainty.

Leaning on his years of road race and event management experience, Tom Maglio founder of 26.2 4U shares how he came up with this very unique service offering. “Two weeks ago, my friend’s son arrived home from studying abroad due to the Coronavirus. I am not sure if he was as disappointed about losing out on the college abroad experience as he was about not being able to run the marathon he was training for over there that had been cancelled. So last weekend I designed and produced his very own marathon. He had a great run and crossed the finish line at 2:49:02. This got me thinking about how many other runners out there are experiencing the same disappointment. The birth of 26.24U is all about not giving up on your dreams. It’s about supporting and servicing runners within the safety of their neighbors. We believe our clients are the core of the running community. We bring custom designed personal race day experiences right to the doorsteps of the most influential of runners. As Americans stay closer and closer to home over the coming months, many brands will be looking for creative and unique ways to stay connected to their customers. We look forward to partnering with fitness and lifestyle brand as we take them along with us into the neighborhoods and onto the doorsteps of our clients with our unified message. You don’t have to give up on your dream just because the race you have been training for was cancelled. Don’t Give Up, Don’t Ever Give Up.”

If you would like more information, please contact Tom Maglio at 781-389-9284
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Tom Maglio