MEG Supports Hospital Staff to Access Updated COVID-19 Guidance & Tools at the Point of Care

The Irish health tech company, MEG, is offering hospital customers full support with the management of their COVID-19-related content, so staff can have access to the most recent guidance during this crisis period.

Dublin, Ireland, April 10, 2020 --( The situation in relation to COVID-19 is dynamic and evolving. Hospitals are using the COVID-19 Hospital Mobile App to quickly share their most up-to-date, relevant COVID-19 content across teams, departments, or entire hospitals.

Commenting, founder and CEO, Kerrill Thornhill, said, "Hospitals are using the ‘Notifications' feature to immediately communicate any new PPE or public health guidance, infection outbreaks, wards closures, SOPs or rota changes - ensuring that it's sent directly to the relevant frontline staff.

"In addition, MEG’s digital Quality Management System has a Risk Assessment module that healthcare facilities are using to help quickly identify, assess and control high-risk scenarios involving Covid-19 patients, potential exposure to healthcare workers, and contamination of the surrounding environment."

He concluded, "It's so important healthcare professionals have access to the right information when they need it most - at the point of care, on a mobile device. During this crisis, our Support team are offering to take over publishing tasks from clinical staff. We’re handling adding/editing content updates, adding/removing staff members, setting up notification alerts - whatever is needed, we’re here to help."

About MEG Support Tools
MEG Support Tools provides a quality management software system (QMS) that helps hospitals to drive a culture of quality improvement through efficient management of their clinical governance and accreditation strategies.

Made up of easy-to-use, web and mobile modules including audit, incident, risk, quality improvement planning, document management and clinical guidelines. The QMS setup means all key components to managing hospital-wide quality, compliance and patient safety are conveniently connected in one place.

The MEG system has been deployed in 50+ hospitals across the UK, Ireland, the Middle East and Australia and is leading to significant improvements in the delivery of healthcare. For more information go to or email
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