MRC Open for Business as Essential Service - Pent Up Demand for E-Cycle Services and Refurbished Computers

Imperial, MO, April 12, 2020 --( MRC today announced that they are reviewing additional opportunities to offer Electronic recycling to the area communities as many think recycling facilities are closed. In light of social distancing and working from home, MRC is fully operational while taking extra safety precautions to ensure the team and their clients' health.

Additionally MRC is working with other business owners in supply chain to offer strategic drop off events when social distancing requirements loosen.

Two trends are taking place:

As many are working from home, projects provide a great way to stay busy. One might consider this the ultimate spring-cleaning season. The problem is, where do you take your electronic material for proper disposal? The MRC locations are open for drop off’s and they comply to strict social distancing.

The second trend is that there is a considerable need for refurbished computer equipment. MRC is a R2 certified recycle and refurbish facility that provides repurposed electronics at affordable prices. This gives electronics a second life to those that can’t afford a new computer or phone.

Store Shelves Stripped of Laptops as Coronavirus Increases Working from Home - Equipment makers were already grappling with supply-chain bottlenecks before demand in U.S. spiked. (Wall Street Journal – Sarah E. Needleman March 18, 2020)

MRC R2 Certified services offer complete and compliant data destruction on all data bearing devices received. Items are held in secure space.

MRC in 2019 diverted over 6.7 million pounds of electronic and e-waste out of landfills.

In closing, Earth Day turned 50 this year, there were many recycling events “planned and canceled.” Awareness continues to grow toward proper sustainability and recycling practices, so does the need for service. MRC hopes to end the year strong with events and community & business engagement as the need for this service is steady and constant.

There are fees associated with some items like Tube TVs, CRT monitors and big screen TVs.

About MRC: Is a fully compliant R2 certified Electronics Recycler with five locations that service the greater Mid-West. Since 1998, MRC continues to grow serving a client list of over 2000. Additionally, MRC typically provides over 100 yearly Electronic Recycling Events in the region.
MRC Midwest Electronic Recycling
Toby Trentadue