Cassbeth Publishes a New Book: "Privatization A Systems Perspective." The US Privatization Movement That Started in 1980 May Have Hit a Disastrous End.

Washington, DC, April 14, 2020 --( Cassbeth publishes a new book: Privatization A Systems Perspective. This book is about Privatization of the US Government that started in the 1980s and accelerated in this new century. It provides history, describes serious unintended negative consequences and offers recommendations for moving forward. The book includes a large body of supporting information for the reader to review and reference in the future. It brings systems thinking into the privatization discussion so there is a relatively large area on the systems perspective.

This is the authors fourth book. Two of his previous books were textbooks on systems engineering and design. This book is intended for the general audience with an interest in current events and the role of government in this new century.

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Privatization A Systems Perspective
by Walter Sobkiw
ISBN: 9780983253068

Published by CassBeth, N.J.
Claudia Joy