Pandemic Insurance Coverage - Axe of Pod Interviews Prof. Zach Finn

Brandon Schuh sits down with Zach Finn, Clinical Professor at the Davey School of Risk Management at Butler University. Zach, along with his students, have put forth the concept of amending TRIA (Terrorism Risk Insurance Act) to include Pandemics.

Pandemic Insurance Coverage - Axe of Pod Interviews Prof. Zach Finn
Wayzata, MN, April 15, 2020 --( Brandon Schuh, a Senior Vice President and Sharing Economy Practice Leader at Christensen Group, addressed the Coronavirus Pandemic from an insurance perspective on his podcast this week, Axe of Pod. Brandon is an experienced Risk Manager - spending nearly ten years as the Risk Manager for Gorilla Ladders prior to his time working in the insurance brokerage space.

On his podcast, Axe of Pod, Schuh has interviewed a variety of leaders and experts spanning a broad range of industry. Schuh has spent much of the last few weeks focusing on the Covid-19 crisis and how business has been impacted. Last week, Schuh interviewed a Risk and Insurance Manager at a national trucking and transportation company, where they discussed the impact on the industry and precautions being taken moving forward.

In this weeks' episode of Axe of Pod, Brandon spoke with Zachary Finn, Clinical Professor & Director at Davey Risk Management & Insurance Program at Butler University. Zach and his students founded the idea of using a TRIA-like insurance mechanism, backed by the Federal Government, to cover the risk of pandemics. They are calling it PRIA (Pandemic Risk Insurance Act). Professor Finn has also been instrumental in pushing this idea forward and getting a bill in front of congress and the White House. The new idea (PRIA) could be used both retroactively and on a go forward basis according to Zach.

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