ESL Continues to Manufacture Secure Network Switches for Hospitals, Government Laboratories, and Other Facilities Around the World Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Electro Standards Laboratories is operating strong, continuing to manufacture and supply secure network switches for hospitals, institutions, government agencies and companies impacted by COVID-19.

Cranston, RI, April 15, 2020 --( Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, RI, USA is operating strong with its manufacturing and supply of secure, reliable network switches for hospitals, companies, institutions, suppliers and all impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. ESL realizes the requirements for secure and reliable data communications is extremely critical right now.

Due to social distancing requirements, many companies, laboratories, facilities, and governments around the globe are forced to rely on remote network communications over the internet for interaction among officials, scientists, teachers, students and office staff. This also requires obtaining data remotely from other computers, resources and databases for activities such as ordering supplies, test results, contact tracing, data analysis and even distance learning since schools are also closed. The list is endless, and the need is great.

ESL’s network switches can provide secure, reliable network communications for a variety of uses. Doctors, nurses and staff now rely on secure audio/video network communication among a designated COVID-19 health care facility with the staff at a Non-COVID-19 facility. Scientists and researchers rely on secure remote network communications for gathering, reporting and analyzing data from hospitals to computers/labs offsite for potentially developing a new vaccine or cure. Students and teachers who are now required to “distance learn” through remote networks could now be subjected to cyber-attacks on their offsite networks. Electro Standards Laboratories has the solution.

Electro Standards Laboratories has designed secure network switches featuring a variety of security such as Password Protection, SSH, HTTPS & SNMPv2 Protocols, Keylocks, Secure Offline positions to ensure no data will pass through to the network, and more. ESL’s network switch selection includes PoE switches, Fiber Optic switches, Audio/video switches and more. Switch units can be designed to support any application or network connection including THX, XLR, BNC/Coaxial, RJ45 & more, supporting 50 or 75 Ohm, Cat5/5e or Cat6/6A compliance as well as RS232, PoE, RoHS and fiber optic networks.

Their products have been trusted and used by testing laboratories, hospitals, governments, and educational institutions all over the world. Supporting devices and various video and audio applications such as security CCTV, video conferencing, laboratory testing, TV/Radio broadcasting, stage lighting, microphones and cameras. ESL is ready and operating now to ship these products to facilities all over the world.

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Electro Standards Laboratories also manufactures COTS and Custom Cable Assemblies in any size/length for seamless network installations.

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