"Lewis Grizzard: the Dawg That Did Not Hunt" by Peter Stoddard Recalls Tales of a Cultural Icon of the South and American Newspaper Legend

A Collection of Lewis Grizzard Stories the world has never heard, as told by many who knew him best. Lewis Grizzard was perhaps the greatest American humor columnist of all time. Sadly he died at age 47 in 1994. In November 2018 Peter Stoddard set out to learn why Grizzard's legacy was fading. He talked to people who knew Lewis casually & others who knew him well. Stoddard then launched an intense yet entertaining journey to relate stories that only Lewis' closest friends could tell.

Cumming, GA, April 20, 2020 --(PR.com)-- In January 2019, first time author Peter Stoddard published “Lewis Grizzard: The Dawg That Did Not Hunt.” It is the only book ever written by a single author about newspaper columnist, humorist, stand-up comedian, late night talk show guest and occasional actor, Lewis Grizzard.

Grizzard’s newspaper column was syndicated in over 450 papers across America. He appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, David Letterman and Larry King. He appeared as a character much like himself in an episode of Designing Women. He was approached to launch a sitcom of his own, but was ultimately told he was “too Southern.”

Lewis ran with that for another untold number of columns. “Too Southern? There is no such thing as too Southern.” Not only Southerners howled. America howled at that and almost everything else Lewis wrote or said.

From his adopted hometown of Atlanta, Grizzard viewed the world from a traditional and conservative viewpoint that was not often politically correct. Though he poked fun at Yankees, feminisists and draft dodgers, Grizzard endeared himself to readers across all demographics simply by hanging out his dirty laundry for the whole world to see.

Lewis Grizzard was loved by so many it was not difficult to get folks to share their experiences once Peter Stoddard reached them. The goal of the book is to bring a smile to the face of readers. If it is only marginally as successful as Lewis was at achieving that result, Stoddard will be thrilled.

Lewis Grizzard’s advice to writers was “Keep it short” And so we did.

“Lewis Grizzard: The Dawg That Did Not Hunt” is available as a paperback or eBook on Amazon.
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