Lemonade Legend Magazine Launches to Bring Lemonade Into a World Full of Lemons

Premier edition of Lemonade Legend Magazine released. Inspiring stories powerful women in their fields. Bringing out the real, raw, and vulnerable side of successful people.

Scottsdale, AZ, April 19, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Michelle Faust, author of “The Lemonade Stand,” has just launched the inaugural edition of The Lemonade Legend Magazine. “One person’s story may permeate another’s soul where it resides within, moves them, motivates them and gives purpose,” says Faust. And the magazine couldn’t have come at a better time when millions of people are searching for a glimpse of hope at the end of the tunnel.

Inspired by the series “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” The Lemonade Legend Magazine offers its own twist to the concept by sharing real stories of courage and vulnerability. The contributors are each unique with stories within the magazine. No matter how traumatic the ordeal, the commonality of the lemonade stories is that health, joy, and success do return and are waiting on the other side of calamity.

“The creation of this digital magazine is a direct result of the success of The Lemonade Stand book, the excitement and community growth around the concept of the book, and the requests for more opportunities from women to share their stories,” Faust explains.

Additionally, each edition will support a different charity. For each subscriber the magazine gets, they will donate 50¢. Their goal is 5000 subscriptions per edition which would generate a $2500 donation. Because Faust believes so strongly that mental health and wellness are vital to the Lemonade Stories, she has chosen Bee Daring Foundation for the inaugural edition. Bee Daring Foundation serves individuals suffering from PTSD, a severely underserved population.

About Michelle Faust: Michelle Faust is the founder of Lemonade legend, a company offering content writing, media exposure through Podcasts and promotional book services. Her ideal client is women who have lemonade stories to share and need a platform that shines the spotlight on them. The inception of The Lemonade Stand started with her own self-realization that she had a story herself of learning how to acquire a fearless attitude due to having a severe hearing loss which had impacted her own self-worth and created limiting beliefs. Her story is full of vulnerability, courage, and learning how to cope in a world which values perfection by developing her alternative strengths. After 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry she elected to leap into the entrepreneurial world and follow her heart, which ultimately led to the creation of Lemonade Legend. Her book is her passion project, that not only provides a powerful resource for women struggling with their own lemonade challenges but is also emerging into a community of like-minded women who want to share, support, and lift up their sisters.
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