411.info Announces Coronavirus (COVID-19) 411 Resource Wiki

411.info recently launched a wiki with links to resources on COVID-19 at the local, state and federal levels. The unique wiki format allows people to help others by updating as new info becomes available. The wiki can be found at wiki.411.info.

New York, NY, April 24, 2020 --(PR.com)-- 411.info is ready to assist the American people, businesses and communities as they try to navigate the significant challenges they are facing in this time of uncertainty with it’s coronavirus (COVID-19) 411 Resource Wiki. Like any major natural disaster, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has had significant impact on the people, workers, businesses, and the economy as a whole. This crisis has forced many businesses to get creative on the best way that they could help during this horrible pandemic and 411.info is no different but the one big difference is they are not a manufacturer of a product so how could they help. 411.info President & CEO Steve Curry said, "The answer was obvious after the first major press conference that President Trump had indicating that Google was working on a great resource for the American people, I knew that we should be the one to create this resource as for years we have been the goto resource when the American people are looking for information assistance. We have created a unique totally free Coronavirus (COVID-19) wiki as a resource for all Americans providing up-to-date links for all the relief, resources and help available.”

Both individuals and businesses can utilize the information on the wiki for resources at the Federal, State and Local levels. Like any good community the Coronavirus (COVID-19) 411 Resource Wiki is fully open source and will rely on everyone to help make it as robust as possible so if you are in Manhattan or in Cahokia, Illinois you can find the help you need during this Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis on the 411 Wiki.

411.info Corp online directory provides the same service that paper Yellowpages and Whitepages provided in the past but online. They are proud to have over 18 million business listings that can be easily found with their “find a business search” and 119 million residential listings quickly searchable in their “find a person search.” In 2020 before the current coronavirus (COVID-19) Global pandemic hit 411.info Corp was poised to launch a revolutionary new real estate product on their already robust platform putting every single real estate listing in America available on 411.info with a “find a property search,” however like many large businesses have done during this pandemic, they have shifted their focus and resources to help.
JT Peters