FinTeix Healthcare Division Formerly Launched in Answer to the Worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic

Singapore, Singapore, April 24, 2020 --( Startup FinTeix Pte. Ltd. is pleased to announce the launching of their healthcare division to assistant Governments around the world with supplies of PPE’s outside of China. FinTeix Healthcare also announces it has become the authorized registered vendor of the Republic of the Maldives (Islands).

The Maldives State Trade Organization (STO) has officially procured and qualified FinTeix Pte. Ltd. - Healthcare as an authorized vendor.

FinTeix founder/Chairman stated, The Brazil Health Minister is in dialogue with the company JV CEO subsidiary in Rio de Janeiro and is assisting in the struggle to ease the country’s shortage of PPE supplies and medical devices. FinTeix has also provided proposals to the Italian Health and Defense Ministers after learning many hospitals in Southern Italy is in dire need of ventilators.

FinTeix Healthcare is actively engaging with suppliers in Asia, Europe, and North America to produce multiple medical devices, and provide PPE’s through the FinTeix Healthcare brand. The company believes reaching out to the international community, during this current healthcare crisis and beyond is key to building a strong awareness of social responsibility. FinTeix plans to offer a helping hand to the Singapore Government during this crisis and believes it is important to prioritize urgent PPE needs in their home base.

About FinTeix Pte: FinTeix is founded on the vision of pioneering positive change and disruptive innovation to the essential industries of Healthcare, Telecom, Energy, and Finance; we pursue collaboration with like-minded companies seeking to help restore equality and integrity to these industries.

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Dr. Michael Lee