Oak Ridge Press Author Stephen Della Valle is Set for Syndicate Radio Debut

Oak Ridge Press is happy to announce that author Stephen Della Valle will be making his syndicate radio premiere on Bulldog and The Rude Awakening Show.

Oak Ridge, NJ, April 17, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Two weeks since the release of his new hit book Rising Above the Influence: A True Story About Alcohol, Drugs and Recovery, author Stephen Della Valle has been a busy man.

In upcoming weeks he has five interviews scheduled with various radio stations nationwide, with the first taking place on Thursday, April 17 at 8:10 am, when he will appear as a guest on Bulldog and The Rude Awakening Show—98.1 WOCM-FM.

“The release of Rising Above the Influence is very timely as there is an ongoing problem with people abusing both prescription and illegal drugs,” says Stephen, who is also the President of Turning Point Rehabilitation Center in Verona, NJ. “The message portrayed in my book is clear—recovery is possible for anyone who is willing to be get help, and if I can do it, anybody can.”

In Rising Above the Influence, Stephen candidly recounts his indoctrination into the world of substance abuse as a young teenager; and the desperate, sometimes morbidly comical situations he endured to support his heavy addictions to heroin, prescription drugs, cocaine and alcohol.

Since his commitment to getting sober and turning his life around over twenty years ago, Stephen wants to share his story in hopes people can see how destructive the substance abuse lifestyle is.

“Each interview is a chance to get the message of the book out there, and if it can inspire or help just one person to change his lifestyle, or help out the family members of an addict, then I have more than succeeded.”

Rising Above the Influence is his honest and inspiring account of the depths one man can fall to—and the heights he can achieve if only he reaches out a hand for help.

The interview can be heard at http://irieradio.com/listenlive.htm.

For more information about Stephen or for a brief synopsis of the book, please visit www.risingabovetheinfluence.net

The book is now available for sale at the following sites:

(Rising Above the Influence by Stephen Della Valle; ISBN: 0-9801776-0-X; $21.95; paperback; 5½ x 8½; 208 pages; Oak Ridge Press)

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