Book Release - Behind the Girl by Katie Woodleigh (44-Page Paperback)

Description: Behind the Girl reflects one girl’s thoughts and emotions on love, life, inspirations and disturbances in the troubled state of mind in which she lives after being abused as a child. How she feels and how she overcomes her emotions is discussed in poetic format. This extraordinary and moving reckoning of this young girl’s life is based on a true story.

Melbourne, Australia, April 17, 2008 --( Katie Woodleigh a writer from Kings Park Victoria has just released her first self-published book. The book Behind the Girl is a compilation of Katie’s poetry that has been put together in the shape of a story. It tells of the way one girl felt from childhood through to adolescence whilst being abused.

Behind the Girl would be a useful tool for female victims of childhood sexual abuse to see through the eyes of someone just like themselves. To show them that even though it is a struggle dealing with the emotional weight that victims of sexual abuse all carry with them, there are others out there like themselves. Behind the Girl is a poetic story of one girl dealing with what has happened to her.

Katie is a twenty eight year old busy Mum with four children and has been writing since she was fourteen. She has had poems published in anthologies nationally and internationally. Her work has also been included on a calendar for an Australian Girl’s Magazine.

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