Greenshine New Energy Launches a New Website with New Content in Recognition of Earth Day 2020

Greenshine's website gets an improvement in speed and authoritative content.

Lake Forest, CA, April 26, 2020 --( In an unprecedented move, Greenshine New Energy, the industry leader in outdoor solar lighting, has announced an Earth Day campaign focused on a new website with new, authoritative content and a landing page in celebration of what we all share together: Mother Earth. Greenshine has been working hard the past few weeks to deliver the best information about industry standards in solar lighting, and couldn’t be happier delivering their new knowledge base in support of the greenest technology available today: solar energy.

Over the next few days, Greenshine will be promoting new content about solar lighting, how it works, what the benefits are (environmental and financial), and design specifics, on social media. This initiative is designed to educate the masses about solar lighting and how it has actually surpassed fossil fuel energy, leaving it the most environmentally-friendly lighting in existence today.

In addition, Greenshine has developed a cleaner, faster website design than previously so your experience is optimized with speed in mind. Browse the knowledge base to learn about the wonderful technology behind solar lighting, learn about how Greenshine products have improved communities, cities, and neighborhoods, and fill out a quote request to have a solar lighting expert give you a consultation, free of charge. It’s a one-stop solar lighting shop.

This isn’t just Earth Day or even Earth Week, at Greenshine New Energy, every day is Earth Day, and they’re proud to deliver the best, most informative content to educate you on how we can use the Earth’s greatest, cleanest, most abundant power source: the sun.

About Greenshine New Energy

Greenshine New Energy is a leader in solar lighting technology that specializes in developing and manufacturing customized solar outdoor LED lighting systems for a wide range of lighting applications. Our solar LED light systems are installed in over 5000 locations around the world and we provide solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial projects.

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Linda Lee